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Improving Hypertension Management with SMS Engagement


A leading health organization supports users in owning their health by providing personalized, data-driven information to improve health outcomes. They partner with mPulse to provide tailored conversations and deep engagement solutions that lift engagement and drive behavior change.

  • 90.6%

    engagement rate in 6-month SMS Hypertension Program

  • 86.8

    response rate

  • 54.7

    link click through rate


A combination of coaching and SMS messaging helped support app users that want to improve their heart health across health topics such as eating healthier, exercising, stress management, sleeping better, and medication adherence.

  1. Cutting-edge capabilities:

    The organization’s team of coaches and digital resources coupled with mPulse’s tailored and dynamic SMS messaging enabled members to overcome barriers, build health skills, and stay on track to reach their health goals.

  2. Designed for Behavior Change:

    The program ran for 6 months and focused on curated education and maintenance tracks to inspire optimal self-efficacy and long-term behavior change.

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Meaningful 1:1 Connections to Overcome Barriers and Provide Access


One of the largest managed care organizations in the country who serves approximately 5 million members across 13 states and the District of Columbia partners with mPulse to deliver on their mission of helping members gain equal access to critical care and health resources.

  • 1,400

    care managers across 20+ health plans using mPulse’s Engagement Console

  • 78

    members connected to resources and support

  • 99

    member retention rate


Reach, engage and empower hard-to-reach and high-risk members using Engagement Console to connect care managers with members across critical support areas such as pharmacy support, appointment scheduling, managing coverage, and utilization of available health plan resources.

  1. Two-Way Engagement:

    The program leverages a two-way care manager texting program that uses 1 to 1 texting to rapidly connect with care managers via SMS. 20 Portal environments were built across Medicaid, Medicare and Exchange lines of business.

  2. Accessibility & Health Equity:

    Care managers had the option to either send preloaded templates or free form. Numerous languages were used for the program such as Mandarin and Haitian Creole.

  3. Timely Resources and Support:

    Engagement Console’s 1 to 1 capabilities improved health equity and access for the plan’s most vulnerable members at key moments, connecting them to critical needed resources and improving member experience at scale.

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SNAP Food Benefit Awareness and Utilization


A large integrated managed care organization partners with mPulse to deliver highly tailored and relevant messaging across numerous critical member engagement initiatives within 8 states for 10+ years.

  • 23%

    click through rate to online SNAP application

  • $1.9

    million in cost savings due to reduction in healthcare costs


Increase the number of eligible members who sign up for food benefits, increase awareness of SNAP food benefits while destigmatizing negative perceptions, and increasing the number of applications.

  1. Multichannel Approach:

    25,413 eligible members in Hawaii received both email and SMS communications that included a total of 4 MMS images to educate and encourage members to apply for SNAP.

  2. Educate and Empower:

    Members received communications that assessed if they were already enrolled, provided education about the enrollment process, and information about how the program would benefit them/ what to expect.

  3. Relevant Calls-to-Action:

    Links to the online application were included within the messaging, empowering members to act in the moment.

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Reducing Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits


A managed health care organization dedicated to improving health outcomes for their beneficiaries partners with mPulse to deploy 170+ programs across business lines to amplify their mission and improve quality performance.

  • 30%

    reduction in the number of times members were visiting the ER

  • 66

    reduction in the number of times members visited the ERfrom 3 to 1

  • $29

    million estimated cost savings attributed to the program


Decrease unnecessary ER visits by educating members around when and where to seek more appropriate care for their health needs to deliver better member satisfaction and improve cost savings.

  1. Multichannel Approach:

    Members in California and Louisiana were sent either SMS or IVR messaging in English or Spanish. SMS messages included an MMS educational infographic.

  2. Educate and Assess Knowledge:

    Educational messaging informed members whether they should seek care at the ER, Urgent Care, or with their primary care provider depending on their health needs, while assessing their knowledge of care options.

  3. Relevant Calls-to-Action:

    Links to related resources on the plan’s website in addition to a member services phone line, or nurse line was included within messaging to provide members with additional support.

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Reducing Appointment No-Show Rate with SMS Outreach


A leading integrated delivery network and leading health system partners with mPulse to create meaningful relationships with their patients at scale.

  • 20%

    reduction in appointment no-show rate

  • <2

    opt-out rate

  • 97

    patient satisfaction


Provide timely SMS reminders regarding upcoming appointment to reduce no-show rates, improve on-time arrivals, and improve patient satisfaction.

  1. Timely SMS Outreach:

    Personalized, interactive and automated SMS messages were sent to patients with upcoming appointments, reminding them of their visit.

  2. Engagement Console:

    Health System staff leveraged Engagement Console to seamlessly shift from automated messages to 1:1 conversations as needed to assess scheduling needs.

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Scaling Referral and Authorization Management Processes


A Medicare and Medicaid health plan providing care to over 500,000 beneficiaries in the state of Oregon partners with mPulse to implement tools that ensure streamlined processes and protect resources by automating manual referral and authorizations tasks.

  • 45%

    fax reduction (from 98% fax submission to 54% in one year)

  • 2

    redirected to other activities


Develop a seamless flow of information with providers to automate routine activities and overcome heavy reliance on expensive and slow manual review process and workflow.

  1. Referral & Authorizations Tool Integration:

    Decrease provider burden by implementing tools to lower manual administrative tasks and improve the provider experience.

  2. Increase Auto-Determination:

    Implement advanced rules engine to support complex logic and customized business rules for real-time approval and denial of requests.

  3. Protect Costs:

    Scale resources by automating manual processes, resulting in Full-Time Employee (FTE) time/ resource savings.

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