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Enroll, Manage, and Retain Your Exchange Members

Expand your exchange membership using mPulse’s powerful technology and industry-leading marketplace solutions.

Accomplish Your Goals with Innovative Technology

  • Don’t Lose Members to the Competition Sending consumers to another site for enrollment can be costly. Keep them out of a competitor’s reach with our EDE Phase III Enrollment module.
  • Trusting Your Member Data Inaccurate data leaves money on the table. Have confidence in your member data with the control tools built into our Eligibility module.
  • Increased Retention Inaccurate billing and coverage information leads to frustration. Send timely and accurate messages to increase satisfaction and renewals.

Empower Your Exchange Consumers

  • Provide a quick assessment to determine if a consumer’s income qualifies for a tax credit or cost-sharing plan.
  • Leverage a guided plan shopping tool to help consumers determine the plan that best meets their unique needs.
  • Implement an easy-to-understand, painless, and user-friendly enrollment and payment process.

Industry Challenges

0 %

of members with Marketplace coverage found it somewhat or very difficult to find a plan that meets their needs

0 %

marketplace enrollees said it was either very or somewhat difficult to complete the application or enrollment process

0 %

said it was either very or somewhat difficult to figure out if their income qualified them for financial assistance


Solving Your Most Pressing Exchange Challenges


Setting the Stage for Happy Customers

  • Identify and correct eligibility data errors via automated work queues, generating an alert for human review when needed.
  • Maximize your RCNO match rate, get accurate APTC payments from CMS, and reduce unbilled premiums or payment of ineligible claims.
  • Keep your staff synced to the latest activity with access to each member’s history in a modern, easy-to-use dashboard.

Shopping Made Simple

  • Skip the redirect and support exchange-based enrollment on your website through Enhanced Direct Enrollment Phase III integration.
  • Help consumers determine whether they qualify for tax credits or cost-sharing plans and match them to the plan that best fits their needs.
  • Take the pain out of application forms with our user-friendly and mobile-responsive interface.

Get Your Premiums Paid Sooner

  • Integrate billing and enrollment modules with built-in insurance-specific logic to handle adjustments and ensure data alignment.
  • Leverage accurate invoicing and unique billing tools to manage the exchange market and handle the ins-and-outs of premium tax credits.
  • Turn on partial payments, set minimum payment thresholds, and more with tailored rules designed to meet your needs.

You Work Hard to Get Your Members. Let’s Keep Them Retained.

  • From life events to renewals, get best-in-class member maintenance functionality for members, agents, and your support team.
  • Deploy digital programs such as member onboarding and preventive screenings to help members manage their health.
  • Retain members through ongoing digital touchpoints and helpful tools, so they are engaged when it’s time for re-enrollment.


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