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End-to-End Software Built for Third-Party Administrators

Lead your self-insured employers to higher cost savings, better plan utilization, improved compliance, and satisfied employees

TPA's Biggest Challenges Meet Our Best Solutions

  • Old Software Holds You Back Antiquated software leads to poor service and high costs. You deserve an end-to-end system that understands your needs and scales as you grow.
  • Difficult Enrollment Experiences Nobody wants to jump through hoops to enroll in and manage their coverage. Streamline the process and help members navigate their health.
  • Staying Compliant to the Latest Regulations Navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment can leave your head spinning. Work with a partner who knows the ins-and-outs of the latest regulations.

Your Customers, Their Employees, Our Best Solutions.

  • Deliver an enrollment and digital health navigation product that actively engages their employees and creates an efficient Open Enrollment.
  • Provide self-service tools and health education resources to support employees with day-to-day healthcare needs.
  • Reduce management of day-to-day paperwork and time-consuming administrative tasks on your customers’ HR and finance teams.

Market Stats to Know

0 %

of employees want more support in chronic disease prevention care

0 %

of employees say understanding how to use their benefits would give them a greater sense of overall stability

0 %

say having a better understanding of their benefits—what’s offered and what’s covered—would make them more loyal


Product & Solutions for TPA’s Toughest Challenges


Transform the Way You Operate

  • Leverage technology built for a multi-carrier marketplace, and manage data for all carriers, plans, product lines, and more.
  • Make group updates, maintain member data, and easily adjust coverage for life events.
  • Consolidate financial tasks and handle invoices and payments with ease with built-in billing and accounts payable tools.

Care in Their Control

  • Give a detailed, yet easy-to-understand, overview of coverage details and accumulators.
  • Help employees make decisions with digital self-service tools that make it easy to find a doctor and estimate care costs.
  • Encourage participation in wellness programs and preventive care to help members stay healthy and avoid costly medical expenses.

Stay Compliant, Stay Secure

  • Utilize our purpose-built software to ensure plan compliance with federally- mandated regulations.
  • Keep your PHI safe by working with a partner who keeps data security top of mind.
  • Set security permissions per user role to ensure access to only needed information.


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