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Consumer-Centric Healthcare Starts Here

Bringing together healthcare expertise, passionate teams, and best-in-class technology to pave the way for better health experiences.

mPulse combines predictive analytics and advanced digital experience technology to deliver business efficiencies and more equitable health outcomes at scale. That’s why 300+ healthcare organizations trust us to orchestrate personalized health journeys for their populations.

We focus on solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges- fragmented data, siloed communication and one-size-fits-all capabilities which leads to disengaged and clinically overwhelmed consumers. As the leading health experience and insights company we transform these challenges into opportunities. Turning disparate data into actionable insights and disjointed communication into personalized health journeys.

We believe better healthcare starts with understanding each individual within the populations we serve, and better health outcomes come from delivering empowering digital experiences for consumers. These principles guide our team of experts across technology, data science and health equity, and drive our solutions for the leading healthcare organizations we partner with.


A Product Suite that Optimizes the Consumer Health Journey

Predictive Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights, pinpoint risk across your population and confidently make informed decisions with advanced predictive technology.

Omnichannel Engagement

Deliver personalized, AI-driven outreach through ready-to-go programs or self-service tools, that empower consumers to take health action, from gap closure to retention.

Health Portals

Offer comprehensive health navigation tools and bring together members, providers, employers, brokers, and health plans into one integrated portal suite, H3O Connect.

Acquisition & Payments

Manage the entire member lifecycle with products to support quoting, plan shopping, enrollment, data management, billing, and commissions.

Content Hub

Improve health literacy with our library of interactive and easily edit content in your H3O Connect Portals with our Content Management System.


Transform consumer journeys with innovative technology powered by our HITRUST-certified, Health Experience and Insights Platform.

mPulse's Story

mPulse has continue to innovate digital engagement and the consumer health experience


mPulse was founded as a spin-off from a consumer digital messaging company, continuing established partnerships with several leading healthcare organizations.


mPulse delivered outreach to over 10 million health consumers and identified the need for automated interactive capabilities to address consumer responses to outreach programs.


mPulse launched Conversational AI capabilities using NLU to interpret member responses and deliver personalized responses at scale.


mPulse developed full suite omnichannel capabilities through the acquisition of MessageBeam and launch of IVR and mobileweb.


mPulse published research with Kaiser Permanente demonstrating the effectiveness of Conversational AI programs and reached 250 million consumer touchpoints annually.


mPulse rapidly deployed extensive COVID-19 engagement programs enabling its partners to address health literacy gaps, streamline vaccination programs and address social isolation.


mPulse partnered with over 100 healthcare organizations and acquired The Big Know company to innovate the integration of streaming content into digital engagement programs


mPulse completed a growth investment by PSG and the acquisition of Healthcrowd reaching over 750 million consumer touchpoints annually and 150 healthcare partners


mPulse completed the acquisitions of HealthTrio and Decision Point to partner with over 300 healthcare organizations and support 4 billion consumer transactions annually


mPulse launched integrated health experience and insights technology to set new standards for health engagement and consumer-centric experiences.

Leadership Team

  • Bob Farrell

    Chief Executive Officer
    Board Member

  • Lara Stell

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sanjeev Sawai

    Chief Product & Technology Officer

  • Brendan McClure

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Anne Wolfsberger

    Chief People Officer

  • Saeed Aminzadeh

    Chief Product Officer

  • Kate Shields

    Chief Customer Officer​

  • Jim Carlough

    Chief Sales Officer

Board of Directors

  • Mark Emkjer

    Senior Advisor, PSG

  • Bob Farrell

    Chief Executive Officer
    Board Member

  • Laura Veroneau

    Board Member
    Partner, Optum Ventures

  • Reid McCann

    Board Member
    Principal, PSG

  • Scott Heimes

    Board Member

  • Bob Saunders

    Board Member
    General Partner, OCA Ventures

  • Chris Heim

    Board Member

Core Values


We work with each other and our clients, leveraging individual strengths, to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.


We treat others the way we would like to be treated, regardless of differences in background, opinion, or role.


We ground our actions and decisions in honesty while upholding the highest ethical and moral principles.


We continuously evolve and adapt, driving positive change and growing our business to deliver on our mission.


We advocate for striking a harmonious balance between personal and professional commitments, recognizing time as our most precious asset.

Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Forge stronger connections with consumers through personalized, interactive communication strategies.

Predictive Insights for Proactive Health Management

Advanced analytics enable you to anticipate health needs and optimize care delivery.

Streamlined Digital Experiences

Simplify and enhance the digital journey for both health providers and consumers.

Personalized Content Drives Informed Decisions

Deliver targeted health information that empowers consumers to make educated health choices.

Scalable Solutions to Satisfy Diverse Needs

Adapt and grow with the evolving demands of healthcare organizations and their consumers.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensure the highest standards of data protection and adherence to healthcare regulations.

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