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Data and Analytics

How our customers gain key insights to optimize their solutions and boost results.

Advanced Mobile Assessment Services

Help refine the data for better reach rates:

  • Contact information data assessment
  • Preference management planning
  • Phone number acquisition programs
  • Ongoing management of mobile data

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Index

To provide a more tailored, relevant, and empathetic experience for diverse populations

  • Combines industry public and private data sets and conversational insights
  • Calculates SDoH at the census tract level
  • Predicts how members will respond to engagement and enables more accurate and relevant content tailoring

Engagement Dashboard

Our dashboard illustrates solution performance and provides easy access to downloadable reports:

  • On-demand dashboards provide continuous engagement insights – response rates, click-through data, survey completions, channel performance, delivery rates, engagement by demographics and more
  • Unlock population insights and consumer behavior trends to make data-driven decisions and optimize program performance
  • Flexible reporting options configured to organizational needs and unique population demographics

Data Science Tailoring

Captures unique insights and determines appropriate response.

  • In-house Behavioral Data Scientists curate content designed to deliver behavior-based outcomes
  • Conversation Science uses intent analyzers and natural language understanding (NLU) to harvest data, deliver insights, and continually refine strategy


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