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mPulse for Accountable and Value Based Care Organizations

Lower patient costs, improve quality measures, and reduce network leakage to deliver better outcomes for your population and organization.

Personalized Patient Journeys at Scale​

Improving Patient Engagement with Automated Conversations

mPulse solutions are aligned to value-based quality measures and engage patients at scale to deliver better health outcomes and cost savings. Deploy targeted solutions, such as ER Diversion, in under 6 weeks to educate and empower your patients with bi-directional conversations and powerful streaming content experiences.

Discover Equitable Solutions to Increase Breast Cancer Screenings Across Diverse Populations

Addressing the needs of patients within value-based arrangements

mPulse designs digital engagement solutions that help patients stay on top of their care plans and efficiently navigate them to in-network resources.

Conversational AI Outreach

Deliver tailored outreach to keep patients connected with in network resources.

Timely Touchpoints

Deliver valuable reminders and follow-ups.

Health Literacy

Build health skills and understanding through captivating digital content.

We Solve ACO and VBC Organizations' Most Important Challenges

mPulse’s knowledge of the patient and provider landscape enables us to solve Accountable and Value Based Care Organizations’ most pressing challenges by engaging with patients at key moments to create accessibility, fill knowledge gaps, and deliver value.

Prevention & Screenings

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