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Case Study: mPulse Mobile Boosts Consumer Engagement and Health Supply Reorder Rates for Shield HealthCare

Consumerization. The word is virtually inevitable in any discussion of healthcare in 2017. Technology innovations, demographic shifts and market changes have driven a shift in consumer expectations about how healthcare organizations will interact with them. In short, they expect to interact the same way they do with every organization in their lives: instantly, conveniently, and conversationally. The executives of Shield Healthcare understand this—their consumers expect the same simplicity of ordering their health supplies as they get from every other consumer goods company. They leveraged the interactive text message solution from mPulse Mobile to help their consumers get the health supplies they need in a faster, easier, and more convenient way. Download mPulse Mobile’s Case Study with Shield Healthcare »

Shield is a leader in home healthcare based in California, with operations in five states and serving over 180,000 consumers and over 160,000 caregivers with an offering of over 3,500 products from 100 manufacturers. As a leading and growing health supplier, Shield is focused on consumer satisfaction: they have improved their satisfaction scores in every annual survey they’ve run since 2008. That isn’t an accident. Shield listens carefully to their customers and strives to improve their level of service for the people and families that depend on them.

It is from that customer-centric focus that Shield first started working with mPulse Mobile in early 2016. Shield’s program uses interactive and automated text messaging to alert consumers when it is time to order more health supplies and allows them to execute the reorder process entirely via text message. The dialogues also engage consumers that need to speak with the Shield’s customer service team. Instead of the Shield team spending time and resources calling consumers—hoping to get them on the phone or leaving a voicemail to complete a reorder—they could focus on answering customer questions and handling changes to orders or prescriptions and other high-value activities.

This new case study outlines the significant business results that Shield experienced in improving reorder rates and boosting staff productivity. It also outlines Shield’s “Mobile Roadmap,” highlighting areas to further improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes with mPulse Mobile solutions. For Shield, the mPulse approach of empowering healthcare organizations to communicate, engage, and activate their consumers is core to their vision. That approach is working: Shield’s first annual satisfaction survey after deploying mPulse Mobile solutions revealed an unprecedented 99% of Shield customers surveyed willing to recommend Shield to friends and family.


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