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New Blog Series, People of mPulse Mobile: Brendan McClure

We believe the most valuable aspect of our various healthcare technology solutions is our people. As part of the “People of mPulse Mobile” blog series, we are proud to feature a selection of our many mPulse Mobile team members that bring different experiences, a broad set of skills and the same deep dedication every day to help our clients drive desired outcomes for both their organizations and healthcare consumers.

This week’s featured team member is Brendan McClure, Director of Solutions Marketing. Brendan joined mPulse in January 2016 because he felt driven to work for a start-up healthcare company focused on mobile healthcare engagement, as he saw mobile healthcare as a huge growth area. So far, he is right.

Having spent his entire career in healthcare, Brendan understands the unique challenges that need to be solved for diverse healthcare organizations. In his role, Brendan is in charge of setting the strategy for how mPulse addresses different healthcare verticals and demonstrates effectiveness within the marketplace. Brendan also focuses on competitive intelligence and sales training to help our team demonstrate that mPulse is the leader in mobile health engagement by highlighting key differentiators that matter to our customers.

With such a wide array of customers and use cases, Brendan and his team are excited about their constant research and learning about healthcare markets, “Healthcare and all the areas of healthcare that we touch are such huge, complex areas of industry that we are always going to grow and become more sophisticated.”

Brendan’s proudest accomplishment since joining the team isn’t something he has personally accomplished, but rather the growth and evolution of mPulse Mobile as a company.

You can frequently find Brendan at one of the many events mPulse Mobile sponsors each year. Check out our events calendar.


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