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IDC names mPulse Mobile an Innovator in 2018 Digital Patient Engagement Report

One of the driving forces behind mPulse Mobile is bringing innovation to healthcare to improve outcomes. We are honored to be named an IDC innovator based on our AI-based mobile health engagement solutions and the results we deliver with over 70 healthcare organizations.

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Cynthia Burghard, research director of IDC Health Insights, highlighted some of the healthcare challenges mPulse Mobile is working to address as well as the value our solutions provide:

“The industry and, more importantly, patients have suffered under inconvenient access to healthcare; digital patient engagement is poised to change that by providing healthcare consumers access to both administrative and clinical support conveniently in a personalized and interactive dialogue when needed. IDC believes this will improve not only the patient experience but improve patient compliance to health management strategies and result in better health”

While mPulse’s solutions make an impact throughout the healthcare industry, IDC highlighted our success in engaging and activating the Medicaid population, which is traditionally very hard to reach. Burghard highlights her assessment of mPulse’s AI-based capabilities.

“Clients can scale their patient engagement strategy to a large number of patients using automated, dynamically personalized communication…With its strength in behavioral science, mPulse has been able to build hundreds of dialogues that are dynamically modified based on the patient’s condition and situation as well as patient data generated and gather during the mobile dialogue.”

To learn more, please see the full IDC Innovators report on mPulse Mobile here.