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Santa Clara Family Health Plan Chooses Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite to Engage and Activate Their Members

INDIANAPOLIS, IL – February 21, 2018 – Healthx, Inc., the leader in cloud-based digital engagement solutions for healthcare payers, is proud to announce their recent partnership with Santa Clara Family Health Plan (SCFHP), a local, public, not-for-profit health plan dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the residents of Santa Clara County, California. Through the Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite, SCFHP will expand its member outreach strategy to include SMS text message communications.

The Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite will enable SCFHP to engage and connect through text messaging, a communication channel increasingly preferred by many members. Based on the recently announced partnership with mPulse Mobile, Healthx offers a pre-integrated multi-channel mobile solution that provides SCFHP members with tailored and meaningful dialogue to encourage healthy behaviors, with significant savings to the Plan through reduced administrative costs.

“Engaging our members in their health is a top goal for us,” said Chris Turner, SCFHP’s Chief Operating Officer. “Personalized and interactive text messaging will help SCFHP drive member portal adoption and close gaps in care, improving outcomes for our members and our organization.”

SCFHP was looking for a way to engage with their members in the most convenient and consumer-friendly way. With personalized and interactive text messages that deepen reach and engagement, SCFHP will be able to motivate healthy behaviors and lift quality scores.

“Consumers will always need guidance about what healthcare actions they need to take,” said Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy and Alliances Officer for Healthx. “The Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite data-driven insights enable delivery of tailored and meaningful messages that drive consumers to take action. Activated consumers translate to improved outcomes.”

While increasing portal adoption is a major draw for many health plans, a range of other benefits come from programs like establishing a primary care provider, chronic care management and closing gaps in care. The solution has already seen tremendous success with other health plans, including an 18% increase in portal signup rate following a text outreach program, as well as a 52% increase in member understanding of key health services. With Healthx’s newest offering, the Healthx Mobile Engagement Suite provides solutions for members to manage their health benefits through their most preferred communication channel. For more information, please contact Healthx at


About Santa Clara Family Health Plan:

SCFHP is a local, public, not-for-profit health plan that provides high-quality health coverage to residents of Santa Clara County. Through a dedicated partnership with an expansive network of doctors and other professionals, SCFHP acts as a bridge between the health care system and those who do not have access to or cannot afford health care. SCFHP is the local plan for Medi-Cal, Cal MediConnect and Healthy Kids in Santa Clara County. SCFHP began offering coverage in 1997 and is now proud to provide services to over 260,000 residents of Santa Clara County. Through devotion to outstanding service and care for the community, SCFHP is committed to providing quality, affordable health insurance to the underserved in Santa Clara County’s diverse population. For more information, visit


About Healthx:

At Healthx, we put our nearly 20 years of industry experience and best practices to work to serve the needs of approximately 200 healthcare payers representing 24 million members and 700,000 providers. We develop and implement secure, cloud-based, member-centric digital portals that connect payers with members and providers. We partner with commercial health plans, third-party administrators, employers and brokers to build comprehensive, configurable solutions that improve clinical, operational and financial performance. Through our platform, our customers can close gaps in care, achieve regulatory compliance, improve quality ratings and reduce costs. Our customers achieve a rapid return on investment by moving more transactions from costly channels to efficient online portals. For more information, visit Follow Healthx on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

AxisPoint Health Taps mPulse Mobile for Engagement Tools to Further Activate Health Plan Members in Their Care

WESTMINSTER, COLO. – February 13, 2018 – AxisPoint Health, a leading population health management company, has once again teamed up with mPulse Mobile, a leading provider of insights-driven mobile engagement solutions for healthcare, to offer enhanced messaging capabilities for engaging health plan members. AxisPoint Health will use mPulse Mobile’s Engagement Console to give care managers a tool for one-on-one conversations with members via SMS text. Additionally, the company now offers a tool for program managers to reach and engage entire populations or subsets of the population with care management dialogue-based text programs.

Health plans understand that by leveraging a multi-channel approach to communication, they have the best chance of engaging members in the most effective manner to drive behavior change and positive results. The fact that 97% of adults in the U.S. text at least once a day and 84% of consumers who get texts about their healthcare want to receive more makes messaging an obvious and important tool for member engagement. With the Engagement Console, care managers can easily initiate and engage in mobile conversations with members and respond to questions in real time. The tool extends the reach of the care management team and boosts efficiency as the average phone call is 12-15 minutes, while it takes approximately one minute to outreach via text message.

“Engaging and activating consumers in their health through effective and flexible tools is core to our product strategy,” said Ram Prayaga, Chief Technology Officer of mPulse Mobile. “With the Engagement Console, AxisPoint Care Managers now have the most effective way to engage their members for healthy behavior change at the population level and also one-to-one.”

The Engagement Console is the latest addition to AxisPoint Health’s transformative condition and case management solution, CarePoint. CarePoint leverages multiple data sources and predictive analytics to target and engage those members who will benefit the most from customized interventions. The solution offers unique omni-channel member communication capabilities. Along with SMS messaging and telephonic outreach, CarePoint enables clients to meet all mailings and notifications requirements as well as deploy interactive voice response (IVR) campaigns, secure messaging campaigns, and emails for educational and general program information.

“We recognize the importance of intensive outreach strategies to engage members, and we understand that each member has a preferred way of communicating with their care manager,” said Mary Jane Konstantin, RN, Senior Vice President of AxisPoint Health. “This is why our collaboration with mPulse Mobile is so important, as we can offer next-generation, user-friendly mobile engagement solutions to empower members to make the right choices for their health.”

About AxisPoint Health:

AxisPoint Health is a population health management company that combines innovative technology with outstanding care management services to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and boost consumer satisfaction—the Triple Aim of healthcare. We make a difference in people’s lives by effectively engaging them to improve their health. Our expert care teams leverage predictive analytics, innovative condition and case management programs, and consumer engagement technology to guide, impact, and personalize the care experience. We believe that consumers are people, not just conditions. For more information visit