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Healthcare Leaders share their tips on how to create a successful mobile strategy

We recently brought a group of top healthcare executives together for discussions on mobile strategies at the mPulse Mobile Healthcare Leaders Forum. The wealth of knowledge shared during the event was abundantly helpful for those in the room, so I couldn’t help but share a few nuggets of their wisdom and experience with you.

The group included business, medical and IT executives from Health Plans, Healthcare Providers, Health Systems, Medical Device Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical companies and Retail Pharmacies.

Here are some of the highlights from the discussion:

Takeaway 1

Consumers want a true mobile experience.

How to Implement

Give people access to their own data and deliver all info they would normal receive but through the mobile channel. That is the best way for them to access that data. One of the attendees highlighted that when they started their mobile text program years ago, 2.5% of their members selected it as their preferred form of communication. That % has jumped to 22% and demonstrates a “threshold of awareness” has been reached.

Takeaway 2

Use mobile and texting, in particular, for self-service.

How to Implement

A few of the attendees are focused on growing their medical device ordering business through the mobile channel by enabling simple and easy ordering via text messaging. It helps reduce operational costs, provides a superior customer experience and improves revenue for their annuity businesses.

Takeaway 3

Replace customer service phone calls with a text message program.

How to Implement

People don’t answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number and they rarely listen to voicemails. Turning that engagement over to the text channel enables patients to read and respond to the message at their convenience and is a much more efficient channel cost-wise.

Takeaway 4

Close care gaps through group texting programs.

How to Implement

Using well-timed and tailored messages has driven patients to clinics for key care touch points to help close care gaps. For those seemingly unreachable patients, text has been the one channel that has really made a difference in getting their attention, and more important, their action in their health and wellness.

In summary, the attendees highlighted some keys to any successful mobile strategy:

  1. Clear organizational ownership of mobile initiatives to ensure they move forward quickly and effectively.
  2. Articulate the desired goals and metrics by which you will analyze the success of your mobile initiatives
  3. Focus on the low-hanging fruit first.
  4. Bring in a trusted partner that has healthcare and mobile expertise, as well as innovative mobile technology.

mPulse Mobile’s Strong 2016 Start Driven By $13M in Funding, Key Customer Additions

Healthcare startup’s two new investors have oversubscribed Series A round; growth fueled by demand for innovative solutions that lower costs and improve health outcomes

 Los Angeles, Calif. (April 7, 2016) – Building on a year of milestones, mobile engagement solutions provider mPulse Mobile today announced significant achievements attained in the first quarter of 2016. Among its successes are additional venture capital investments totaling more than $13M, several new key customers, and patent approval of its hallmark secure messaging solution.

mPulse Mobile helps its more than 50 U.S. health plan, provider, and pharmaceutical clients solve some of the industry’s most expensive challenges including missed appointments, medication adherence, and gaps in care, through more effective consumer engagement. It was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its secure mobile messaging solution, which fosters dialogue between its customers and their consumers.

Less than a year since the company’s founding, the latest financial investment in mPulse Mobile, from partners Cambia Health Solutions (Cambia) and Rincon Venture Partners, brings the total amount raised  to more than $13M, oversubscribing and closing the Series A round. In January, the company announced it secured $10M in its first close of funding from HLM Venture Partners, OCA VenturesMerrick Ventures and Jumpstart Ventures.  In August 2015, it closed on $1.7M in a round of bridge funding.

“Over 75 percent of consumers use smartphones to manage their lives, but most are unable to reliably interact on their mobile devices with the healthcare system,” said Cambia Assistant Director of Strategic Investment Matt Karls. “Cambia invests in companies that meet consumers where they are in our quest to create a person-focused and economically sustainable healthcare system. mPulse Mobile is a strong and valued partner and a key addition to our portfolio.”

“As a Southern California-based investor in SaaS technology companies that deliver strong value propositions, mPulse Mobile was a great portfolio fit. We’re proud supporters of trailblazers in the region working to innovate the healthcare industry through the use of mobile technology,” added Rincon Venture Partners’ Managing Director, Jim Andelman.

The most recent addition to its quickly expanding roster of clients, Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN), has engaged mPulse Mobile to develop a customized two-way mobile messaging solution to connect consumers more deeply with personal health information – their own and loved ones’. The mobile messages will alert consumers when medical results have been delivered to their care provider team, and when their medical records have been accessed by third-party partners. DHIN is the first statewide health information network in the country, providing an electronic network for hospitals, physicians, laboratories, and other clinical entities to quickly, accurately, and securely exchange health-related results and reports.

“When consumers are active participants in their care, outcomes are better and costs are lower. DHIN creates value for its customers through leveraging technology to improve speed and quality of care, and mPulse Mobile is the ideal partner to assist us in more efficiently and effectively engaging consumers in their health,” said Randy Farmer, COO, DHIN. “mPulse Mobile’s expertise and success in developing innovative solutions at the cross-section of healthcare and mobile qualifies them as a consummate partner.”

With rapid growth comes the need for exceptional employee talent. Over the next year, mPulse Mobile plans to add roughly 20 team members across tech, behavioral science and analytics, account management, and sales and marketing.

“The demand for mobile solutions in healthcare is evident by the speed at which we’ve flourished over the past year, and particularly in the first three months of 2016,” said Chris Nicholson, CEO, mPulse Mobile. “As the healthcare industry continues to place an attuned focus on implementing strategies to lower costs and better outcomes, and recognizing the importance of meeting consumers where they are, we look forward to building on the momentum we’ve generated thus far by continuing to work with best-in-class companies to achieve their goals.”

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