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mPulse and Patient Engagement Systems Partner to Use Mobile Technology and Physician-Patient Engagement to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

mPulse and Patient Engagement Systems poised to dramatically change the way care teams and payers engage with their patients and members.

mPulse, an industry leading Mobile Experience Management company formed to focus on the specific digital communications needs of the health and wellness marketplace, has announced a strategic partnership with Patient Engagement Systems (PES), a healthcare technology company which focuses on improving the identification and management of patients with chronic diseases.

Patient Engagement and Clinical Decisions Support technologies are proven to improve outcomes and reduce the costs for patients with chronic conditions. PES offers an automated technology for use by patients, providers and payers that is personalized, timely and generates actionable information designed to improve outcomes and reduced costs in patient admissions and ER visits in patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease and others.

mPulse enhances the communications created by these tools and desired by today’s mobile generation, bringing mobile messaging expertise and a proven track record of influencing consumer behavior. mPulse’s cloud-based HIPAA compliant platform, enables healthcare organizations to reach their consumers in the way they want to be reached, securely, and on-the-go.

The combination of mPulse’s state of the art messaging engine, (which incorporates context, behavior and engagement data to create more relevant communications), with Patient Engagement Systems proven technology for identifying and managing patients with chronic conditions, will dramatically change the way care teams and payers engage with their patients and members.

“mPulse is all about partnering with amazing companies that are tackling some of the biggest problems that plague our health and our healthcare system today,” said Ram Prayaga, VP of Technology at mPulse. “When you can integrate a solution that has data on supporting a patient’s health, and a mobile communication platform like ours, you really have something powerful. So instead of costly call centers, or direct mail campaigns, this partnership allows us to reach the patient securely and in right away. This shift to real-time healthcare, will lead to fewer ER visits, and hospital admissions.”

“There has never been a more opportune time to improve communications with providers and patients,” says Stanley M. Goldstein, Patient Engagement Systems President and CEO. “mPulse Mobile’s partnership with Patient Engagement Systems will undoubtedly expedite the advancement of communications capabilities across the healthcare spectrum, bringing these resources even closer to their full potential.”


About mPulse Mobile

mPulse mobilizes the consumer experience by making healthcare communications relevant to the modern lifestyle. We utilize complex mobile technology to provide simplified, streamlined solutions that enable health partners to effectively connect with consumers in the most relevant and appropriate means. By improving communication, we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers everywhere. For more information, visit

About Patient Engagement Systems

Patient Engagement Systems® (PES) is a nationally recognized healthcare services company dedicated to supporting its customers’ goal of helping people with chronic diseases, specifically diabetes and chronic kidney disease, improve their health, and reduce costs. PES provides medical groups, IPAs, health plans, health systems and government agencies with a suite of automated patient engagement tools, timely clinical decision support and the analytics needed to better identify, manage and monitor these high cost patients. PES’s signature platforms include the Diabetes Patient Engagement SystemSM, a chronic care management and patient engagement technology developed and tested in a five-year National Institutes of Health funded study that verified care process improvements and cost reductions, the Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Engagement SystemSM and the ESRD Prevention ProgramSM. PES is an IBM Global Entrepreneurial Partner, and is a 2011 URAC Bronze Awardee for Best Practice in Health Care Consumer Empowerment and Protection.


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