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mPulse Mobile Celebrates Innovation and Health Outcomes with Second Annual Activate Awards

Magellan Rx Management, Kaiser Permanente, Byram Healthcare and others receive awards recognizing their innovation and results in improving health consumer activation.

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 20, 2019

mPulse Mobile announces winners of the Activate Awards each fall during its annual Activate conference. The Activate Awards recognize customers and partners that have driven impressive, measurable results like improved consumer health outcomes through consumer activation and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Winners of the Activate Awards are on the forefront of healthcare consumer engagement, leveraging Conversational AI and mobile messaging solutions to better engage with their consumers and activate them in their health. Award submissions were evaluated on both qualitative and quantitative results, including innovation, consumer engagement, health outcomes, process improvement, and cost reduction.

2019 Activate Award winners include:

Most Innovative Solution – Magellan Rx Management

Magellan Rx is a next-generation full-service pharmacy benefit manager that has over 40 years of expertise helping customers and members solve complex pharmacy challenges. Recognizing unused opioid medication kept by patients in their households can be diverted to inappropriate use, Magellan launched an Opioid Disposal texting program. The solution connects a digital pain management program to a physical pouch-disposal program. The conversational messaging program provides members with pain management strategies to improve self-efficacy levels and educates patients about the risks of keeping unused opioids in their homes. The program offers disposal pouches and provides reminders and tips to support patients as they use the pouches to dispose of unused opioids in an environmentally friendly manner.

“Magellan is focused on solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges, and we know leveraging innovative technology is a big key to success in this mission” said Sagar Makanji, Magellan Rx Management’s Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Programs. “Collaborating with mPulse enables us to build-out innovative and impactful clinical programs that focus on the individual, which is the most effective way of driving improved health outcomes.”

Best Use of Conversational AI – Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not for profit health plans, serving 12.3 million members. Kaiser Permanente’s Pharmacy department operates a conversational, text-based Refill Reminder solution to provide an efficient way for members to refill certain chronic medications. 273,356 Refill conversations were sent to 99,217 Medicare Part D patients over 2 years. Overall there was a 35% response rate and of the 307,484 responses only 7.8% were not understood by the Conversational AI (CAI) used in the program. CAI is used effectively to identify and classify barriers that individual patients bring up and connects them to appropriate pharmacy and plan resources. Overall the solution has achieved a 17.4% refill request rate amongst non-adherent members.

Most Significant Outcome – Byram Healthcare

Byram Healthcare is a leading provider of home use medical supplies focused on improved health outcomes and affordability of care for people managing their chronic conditions. Byram wanted to improve the efficiency of its health supply reorder solution by enabling patients to review and reorder their supplies directly in the text channel. Within 12 months of launching the program, 42,218 patients reordered their supplies through interactive text messaging. This represents over 50% of all orders for certain key product areas. With the cost of the program taken into account and the overall gross margin, the successful launch of this program yielded tremendous results, beating all ROI targets for Byram Healthcare.

“Byram is focused on providing the best possible consumer experience. Our partnership with mPulse helps us provide an amazing experience by making it much more convenient for consumers to manage the healthcare products they need, while also creating significant efficiencies for our organization. It’s a win-win,” said Nick Piecora, Chief Information Officer at Byram Healthcare.

Most Improved Consumer Experience – Midwest Medicaid Managed Care Health Plan

The plan was recognized for its Redetermination Solution, which incorporates mobile engagement in coordination with Redetermination Events. Continuity in coverage is key to maintaining continuous access to care, which is particularly important for those with complex medical needs. Limited access to transportation, childcare, and the internet as well as poor literacy skills can keep members from completing the redetermination process in a timely way. Members are engaged about the Redetermination Events though mobile messaging, which drove a significant increase in event attendance.

“It is so exciting to see companies embrace innovative solutions for consumer health activation,” said Chris Nicholson, Co-Founder and CEO of mPulse Mobile. “AI is impacting healthcare at a rapid pace, and Conversational AI is at the forefront. We see companies that leverage intelligent solutions consistently establish deep, meaningful relationships with their consumers, which is the foundation for improving outcomes. We are thrilled to be part of this mission.”


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