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eMarketer: Industry Perspectives on Connected Health

mPulse CEO Chris Nicholson was one of the industry thought leaders invited by eMarketer to share their perspectives on how connected health is taking shape, how it is impacting their businesses and how they expect marketing to change as a result.

The full report, which was released by eMarketer in January 2015, includes perspectives from providers payers, consumers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and other players critical in the connected health industry. To give you a sense of the information in the report, here is one of Chris’s quotes:

eMarketer: How is marketing changing as a result of the connected health movement?

Chris Nicholson: “In the past it was more general, broad-brush communications to create awareness around programs— print communications or outbound calls, trying to reach people at a household level. In the last 10 years there’s been deeper analytics for targeting people into programs. Now you’ve got the ability and the analytics to get so much more sophisticated, to talk to somebody at a personal level, very specifically. Health plans have been a little slower to leverage mobile and social and are just now investing very heavily in this space.”

See the rest of Chris’s answers, plus more from other respected industry thought leaders in the full report available on


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