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mPulse Mobile Increases Support of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Health Plans Through Key Solutions and Technology Patent

LOS ANGELES – February 2020 – mPulse Mobile, the leader in Conversational AI and digital engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, announces today that it has crossed two significant milestones in early 2020. mPulse Mobile now supports more than 30 million healthcare consumers and has also delivered over 500 million automated conversations for high-value solutions like Medicaid Redetermination, Medication Adherence and a range of solutions focused on closing gaps in care to improve quality measures for their healthcare partners.

Healthcare organizations across the industry are increasingly investing in interactive messaging as it continues to be the most effective channel for engaging their consumers. mPulse experienced exceptional growth in its Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans in 2019, adding 20 new government program plans in the past year. With these new partners onboard, mPulse now works with plans that manage the care of more than 23% of Medicaid lives and 56% of Medicare Advantage lives in the US. mPulse has a combined 28 years of experience working with 6 of the top 12 Medicare Advantage plans by size. Closing out a strong 2019, mPulse now partners with nearly 100 different healthcare organizations. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, mPulse customers focus on behavioral health, pharma, dental, and medical technology.

“We are thrilled to be doing so much work across the healthcare landscape to drive meaningful outcomes in quality improvement, member satisfaction, and population-level behavior change among many others. We always try to remember that real people are behind every outcome and helping to guide them is our mission, so it’s exciting to really feel the impact we can make alongside our customers on their members’ lives.” said Chris Nicholson, CEO of mPulse Mobile.

Some of the outcomes mPulse achieved in 2019 include their co-published study in JMIR demonstrating the impact of Social Determinants of Health on Medicare medication adherence, a 12 percentage point improvement in Medicaid redetermination rates for a large Illinois-based MCO, and a 48% screening completion rate for a previously unengaged Medicaid population. These results were the product of close collaboration between mPulse and the plans, as well as their leading Conversational AI platform and ongoing solution optimization.

“Relationships are the key to success, both between us and our partners but just as importantly between our partners and their members. Leveraging our behavioral data science team and enterprise-grade technology, we are able build real connections and empathy at scale between healthcare organizations and their members that lead to important outcomes,” added Ram Prayaga, mPulse Mobile CTO.

Intelligently pairing behavioral data science with technology has long been core to mPulse’s offerings, and recently led to a patent (patent #10474724) for the Mobile Content Attribute Recommendation Engine (mCARE). mCARE plays a major role in Conversational AI programs by analyzing consumer profiles each time new information is added and automatically delivering the best next communication to the consumer to increase the likelihood of health activation,” explains Prayaga.

Further indicating mPulse’s focus on bringing a scientific approach to healthcare consumer engagement, they earned a trademark for Conversation Science™ in 2019. Conversation Science refers to the use of advanced analytics to determine how impactful conversations are, ranging from the population level all the way down to 1:1 with each individual. The ability to measure and report on conversation efficacy empowers mPulse to adjust rules governing each conversation to ensure members have the best possible experience and to achieve key health engagement outcomes.