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White Paper: mPulse Mobile Helps Activate Healthy Behavior Change in Medicaid & Safety Net Populations

Engaging with any individual about their health is not an easy task, especially when they are part of the Medicaid population. mPulse Mobile has partnered with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) across the country to improve health outcomes and drive positive behavior change among their members. Their successes are outlined in our new Medicaid White Paper.

The white paper explains how these MCOs leveraged mPulse’s Conversational AI solutions to address specific challenges in a range of areas, including:

Onboarding & Navigation: Members demonstrated low levels of understanding and awareness of the health services provided. 

Behavioral Health Program:  The higher rate of behavioral issues impacts outcomes and healthcare costs as these individuals are associated with higher rates of chronic conditions and more regular use of the ED. Adding to the challenge, nearly half of individuals with mental health issues do not receive necessary treatment.

Gaps in Care: Key HEDIS measures address common care gaps, such as flu vaccinations, preventive screenings and child wellness visits. Many members miss these regular health visits due to lack of awareness, or notification to continue these health services.

Program Governance: Members had lower utilization of key health services— 48% had not had a PCP visit in the past year— but comparatively high usage of the Emergency Department.

 Redetermination: The timely action by members whose coverage is up for renewal is vital to the redetermination process. Members who are slow to renew, are frequently those that are the hardest to reach and engage.

mPulse partnered with the MCOs to deploy solutions that lowered costs, improved health outcomes for chronic and behavioral conditions, and drove greater health awareness in members.

To learn more about how these organizations overcame these challenges, download our Medicaid White Paper.

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